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NORTHSIDE: Couples Communication (for Adults ONLY)

couples communication 

Would you like to reduce stress at home and to improve communication with your spouse to strengthen your partnership and build emotional intimacy? When we improve our communication and connect more deeply from the heart, this builds emotional intimacy, which can significantly strengthen partnership.

This program is for anyone who would like to reduce day-to-day stress, while learning ways to improve communication with your partner to build stronger connection, feel acknowledged, heard, understood, and appreciated. When we hold our feelings inside, this can lead to passive aggressive behaviors. This can result in our partner feeling ignored, yet sensing there is anger underneath with no direct understanding on how to address it. When we shout and blame our partner in order to be heard, this can cause our partner to feel defensive and shout back angrily. This type of inter-play often does not result in either partner getting what he or she wants. When we do not express our feelings in a way that our partner can fully understand, we may not get our needs met. When our needs are not met, we may feel a sense of emptiness, loneliness or a general feeling that something is not right. Many people desire emotional intimacy, but they do not know how to create it, especially when there is a lot of tension and stress in the home. We all deserve connection, love, support, and mutual respect. In this workshop, I will teach you and your spouse ways to manage day-to-day stress, how to improve communication, build emotional intimacy and speak from the heart. There will be optional interactive exercises that I will facilitate throughout the workshop to help you build these skills.

Feel free to come on your own or with your spouse. Couples are encouraged to attend.


I:  Common Reasons for Miscommunication

II. How couples can Improve Communication (Discussion)

III. Interactive Exercises: Couples work on exercises together to help build communication skills

V.  Ways to Reduce Stress in day-to-day Life to Strengthen Partnership


Eventbrite registration is required

For Adults ONLY


This program is sponsored by the Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends.


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