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Art of Cooking Sauces - Class #1: French Sauces

Class begins with a beef stock and demi-glace how-to. We make and taste-test compare pincage (toasted tomato paste with mirepoix; carrot, celery and onion), and discuss how it adds umami to meat and vegetarian dishes. We review the five Mother Sauces in French cooking, and discuss the four ways food scientist Harold McGee says there are to thicken a sauce (by particle, molecule, droplet, or bubbles). Then we cook the classic Sauce Robert with our pre-made demi-glace and also a Beurre Blanc, the classic French white sauce.

Featured books: Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home (Julia Childs & Jacques Pepin),  On Food and Cooking (Harold McGee)

First come, first served.  Please come early!

Questions?  Please contact the Reference Desk at (408) 615-2900. 

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