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Repair Café


Back again this year! Do you have an old lamp that needs rewiring? Has your vacuum lost suction? Do you need a new zipper on your favorite pants? Is your computer on the fritz? Repair Café can help you. Don’t toss the item, bring it to the Library on Sunday, September 23 from Noon to 4pm. The line will start at 11:30 am, first come first served. 

Don’t have any repair needs? Don't worry you can come to our D.I Y. sessions in the Margie Edinger Room. 

1:30 pm – How to do a DIY Home Energy Audit with Silicon Valley Power
Do you want to save money while reducing your energy waste?  If yes, then this is the talk for you!  Seena Eghtedar-Shenas from Silicon Valley Power (SVP) will demonstrate how you can conduct your own home energy audit.  Seena will talk you through how to audit the different aspects of your home. In 30 minutes, your DIY energy audit could provide you a lifetime of savings! 

2:15 pm - Keeping Bees Around and More About Bees with Jason Graham
When you think of different types of bees… how many can you name? Did you know that we have about 1,600 bee species in California, 4,000 in the US, and 20,000 worldwide? Most bees do NOT: store honey, sting to defend their nest, or live in hives. Most bees live in burrows in the ground, or in hollow stems. This workshop will provide an overview of bees, giving participants an introduction to bee diversity, lifecycles, ecology and more. Learn why bees are important for our plants and how to encourage these amazing pollinators to visit your garden.

3:00 pm – DIY Worm Bin Composting with a Master Composter
You will learn how to make your own worm compost. Vermicomposting (“vermi” is Latin for “worm”) is the process of using worms to process organic food waste into nutrient rich soil. Worms eat decaying food waste and produce vermicompost, a very effective soil supplement. The worms will produce both a liquid fertilizer and worm castings (a fancy name for worm poop). Worm poop is the best compost! It is a solid, odor free byproduct of worm digestion. You can collect your worm castings periodically and use them as a soil addition, soil conditioner, or even light mulch.

Registration is not required. First come, first served as space is limited. Tickets do not guarantee entry to this event, but registering is a great way to get a reminder. Let us know you are coming.

Find out more about last year's Repair Cafe event from the Santa Clara Weekly article.

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