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Safety Precautions When Connecting with Someone You Meet Online

Post Date:02/12/2018 1:00 PM

Meeting people online is a common occurrence. However, it can be dangerous. Be smart!

SCPD offers the following recommendations so you do not fall victim to an individual you meet online.

  • Keep chats restricted to the website or app initially
  • Block anyone suspicious
  • Do not share explicit photos or videos with anyone, ever!
  • Take time to get to know someone (e.g. evidence of shared interests and compatibility, regular contact online, email or by phone, good rapport and sense of humor, etc.) before meeting in person or providing personal identifying information about yourself
  • Research this acquaintance online
  • Consult with a friend to see if they have any concerns you may have overmissed
  • Before meeting in person, communicate with a friend. Let your friend know your online contact’s name, what time you are meeting and where. Better yet, have your friend join you!
  • Always meet in a public place
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or engaging in drugs when you meet
  • Do not get in a vehicle with or go home with someone you have just met. Never invite the individual to your home.
  • Have an exit strategy! Don’t be afraid to just get up and leave


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