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City Manager's Blog - Nov. 5 - Nov. 16, 2018

Post Date:11/19/2018 4:50 PM

Welcome to the latest edition of the City Manager's Biweekly Blog, a summary report of updates related to City projects, responses to City Council inquiries, and events and activities of interest to the community. Download  a printable PDF of the latest blog. To view past posts or subscribe to receive these on eNotify, please visit  


Butte County Fire Dept. AidSanta Clara Fire Department Responds to Camp Fire in Butte County: On Nov. 8, two Santa Clara fire engine crews were deployed to the Camp Fire in Butte County. The crews of Engine 97 and Engine 90 responded on two separate strike teams from Santa Clara County. Each strike team consists of five fire engines with a crew of four responding together to the mutual aid assignment. This wind-driven fire spread at aggressive rates over the first week of their assignment. The fire behavior is severe, with the town of Paradise mostly destroyed. Santa Clara firefighters are assigned to structure protection, tactical patrol and assistance with evacuation as necessary. Santa Clara firefighters join over 5,000 other firefighters in this response, which has been determined to be the most devastating and deadly fire in California history. For more information, please contact the Fire Dept. at 408-615-4900.

Silicon Valley Power Prepares for Winter Storms: As we move into the winter months, here’s a reminder that while power outages don't happen often, they are more likely during winter storms. Silicon Valley Power does everything possible to reliably maintain your power and works as quickly as safely possible to restore power during an outage. Be prepared in the event of an outage by having a flashlight with fresh batteries on hand, keeping cell phones charged, plugging electronic equipment into surge protectors and keeping canned food on hand with a hand-operated can opener. More tips can be found online,

Thanksgiving Solid Waste Collection Schedule:  There will be no garbage, recycling or clean green services on Nov. 22, 2018 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Collection will take place a day late for Thursday and Friday routes. For questions regarding recycling service, please contact Recology South Bay at 408-970-5100; for garbage and Clean Green questions, please contact Mission Trail Waste Systems at 408-727-5365.

Caltrain Business Plan Community Meetings: Caltrain is working on its Business Plan and is hosting a community meeting in San Jose to give the public and overview of the plan process and receive feedback from the community. The meeting will be held on on Nov. 26 from 6-8 p.m. at the Rose Garden Library located at 1580 Naglee Avenue, San Jose. The intent of the Business Plan is to address big picture items such as future service/infrastructure needs and the railroad’s interactions, benefits and impacts with surrounding communities. The Business Plan is an in-depth technical and policy document that will set the direction for the future of the railroad. For more information related to the Business Plan, visit

Leadership Santa Clara 2019: Do you have an interest in learning more about Santa Clara and building leadership skills? Leadership Santa Clara is a five-month program to prepare residents for a leadership role in the community. Topics include governance, public services, health care, arts and culture and volunteerism to name a few! The program’s tuition is $750 per person with limited scholarships available. Applications are now being accepted for Leadership Santa Clara 2019. To learn more, visit

Silicon Valley Power Scholarships: Silicon Valley Power (SVP) is offering $5,000 scholarships for Santa Clara students interested in a career in energy. Applications are due by Dec. 17, 2018 and recipients will be notified in May 2019. For more information, visit or call 408-615-6604. 

2018 HOME Affordable Housing NOFA: The City is pleased to announce a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funds. A total of up to $550,000 funds is available for the development of affordable housing. Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) can apply for up to $550,000 (see CHDO application for certification requirements). Non-CHDO developers may only apply for up to $400,000. Additional funding may become available through a reduction of programmed activities, or a larger than anticipated allocation of HOME funds.

All proposals must be delivered physically no later than 3 p.m. on Dec. 7, 2018 at the Community Development Housing office located at City Hall, 1500 Warburton Ave. Santa Clara (East Wing, lower level). No emailed or faxed submittals will be accepted. The proposer shall submit one (1) original proposal, clearly marked “Original”, along with a digital copy on a thumb drive. Proposals received after the deadline will be returned. Please mark proposals with ATTN: Eric Calleja. Submit questions to Eric Calleja, Housing Development Officer, by email to A Q&A document will be emailed to submitters on Nov. 20, 2018.

For more information, contact Eric Calleja at 408-615-2296. See below for related documents:

HOME NOFA Announcement 2018

HOME NOFA Application 2018

CHDO Certification Package 2018

Santa Clara City Library implements Personal Identification Numbers: Starting Dec. 3, the Santa Clara City Library will be implementing Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for library users. Your PIN will be a four digit number used in addition to your library card barcode to log into your online accounts and to use the library’s self-checkout machines. Your privacy and security are important to us and the use of PINs will add an extra layer of security to your library account. If you have any questions regarding Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), please contact the library at 408-615-2970 or visit a Santa Clara City Library Customer Service Desk. 

Arrest Made in Elderly Phone Scam: On Nov. 7, Santa Clara Police arrested Vamshidhar Reddy Kotla of Fremont, California in connection with a nationwide phone scam targeting elderly victims. The Richland County Sheriff's Office in Richland, Montana contacted Santa Clara police investigators regarding a 77-year old victim from Sydney, Montana who was contacted by phone by an unknown party and convinced that his grandson had been arrested and needed bail money. The victim was instructed to send over $20,000 to an address in Santa Clara. Santa Clara police investigators set up surveillance at the pick-up location and Kotla was arrested. Santa Clara police investigators located additional packages of cash in Kotla’s possession from other victims. In total, four victims were identified and over $28,000 in cash was recovered. Kotla is believed to be an operational member of a group that targets elderly victims with various phone scams.

Santa Clara residents have reported scams related to Medicare, prescription drugs, funerals, anti-aging products, investments, sweepstakes/contests/lottery, mortgages, home improvement, IRS/taxes and utility services (e.g. phone, internet, etc.). Fraudsters use tactics, generally over the phone or in person, to get victims to fall for their schemes. Instead of engaging with someone who has contacted you, hang up and initiate a call to companies via the phone number on your bill/statement. Residents are encouraged to be wary of phone calls where the caller is requesting money. When in doubt, call the Police Dept. at 408-615-4700.

Crime Scene Investigation, CSINew Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle Obtained: The Santa Clara Police Department recently acquired a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) vehicle. A CSI vehicle transports Evidence Team members from the Police Dept. to crime scenes, critical incidents and injury traffic collisions. The vehicle will store necessary tools and equipment to process a crime scene in a professional, safe and timely manner. This enclosed workspace will allow staff to collect, preserve, inventory, package and transport evidence. The $186,000 CSI vehicle was funded with Citizens' Option for Public Safety grant funds. For more information, contact the Police Dept. at 408-615-4700. 

New Computer Aided Dispatch System: On Nov. 5, the City of Santa Clara went live with a new, state-of-the-art computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. The integrated suite of public safety software from Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure for emergency call handling, officer dispatch and incident management was implemented. Replacing an outdated and unsupported dispatch system, the Hexagon solution will expand the Santa Clara Police Department’s incident response capabilities through map-based views for calls, events and units in the field. Santa Clara police officers now have new capabilities with their in-car computers, including real-time call information, enhanced mapping and historical data for calls for service to improve efficiency, situational awareness and officer safety. This innovative technology allows public safety dispatchers to deploy resources based on GPS data and available resources. This $3 million upgrade was funded by City Capital Improvement Project funds. Police personnel spent the last two years developing and testing the system to ensure the quality, accuracy and availability of critical information and increasing performance and productivity. This was a major success due to the joint efforts of City departments and divisions, including Automotive, Information Technology, City Attorney’s Office, City Manager’s Office and the Fire Department. For more information, contact the Police Dept. at 408-615-4700. 

EOCEmergency Operations Center: The City’s updated Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was tested on Nov. 8, for the second annual Prepare Santa Clara exercise. City staff worked in the fully-activated EOC and practiced responding to a simulated earthquake centered on the Hayward fault. One of the EOC’s goals was to support a live Commodity Point of Distribution (CPOD) at Central Park Fatjo Ballfield where City staff, led by the Parks and Recreation Department, practiced the delivery of life-saving commodities such as water to the community. For more information, contact the Fire Dept. at 408-615-4900.

Using Technology and Innovation to Improve Customer Service: The Water and Sewer crews are responsible for maintaining the City’s approximately 10,000 water valves. About 10-15 times per year, valves need to be replaced because they have met or exceeded their useful life. Valve replacements involve shutting off water to customers in the area so water would not be lost during the repair. Water & Sewer staff recently tested and used machine technology that allows in-place replacement of water valves without shutting off water to nearby customers. The City will utilize this technology to assist with valve replacement and limit inconvenience to customers being out of water. The City continues to improve on its technology to better assist serving customers efficiently. For more information, contact Water & Sewer at 408-615-2000.

Mission Branch Library Enhancements: As part of the City’s effort to activate our public spaces to make them more welcoming, energetic, and engaging, the City is exploring options to furnish outer areas of the Mission Branch Library. Beyond chairs and tables, we are reviewing options for adding games for the public to use while in the park and other items that will encourage people to come, play

and stay in the adjacent City Plaza Park. One such item is the Imagination Playground, a large modular set of blocks and objects that gives children a chance to construct the playground they desire. We are very excited to present this new space to the public in early 2019. Come by the Mission Branch Library to see what’s new! For more information, contact Mission Branch Library at 408-615-2964.

City Hall LandscapeCity Hall Landscape Improvements: The Public Works Department has plans to beautify the planter area adjacent to the walkway located on the southern side of City Hall Council Chambers. The improvements will consist of planting four Western Redbud (Cercis Occidententalis) trees and new shrubbery, in addition to the placement of new mahogany-colored wood mulch. The Western Redbud trees are drought tolerant, can grow up to 20 feet high, and sprout purple flowers in the spring. The project should be complete in December 2018. For more information, contact 408-615-3000.

Elks Lodge HoopsThe Annual Elks Hoop Shoot: On Nov. 7, the Annual Elks Hoop Shoot was presented by the Elks Lodge at the Youth Activity Center. Elks volunteers hosted the free throw contest, attended by over 70 kids, to find the top contestants from three age groups. The best free throw shot received the first place prize, an exclusive Elks Basketball and a chance to move on to the next round. Great job, kids! For information, call the Youth Activity Center at 408-615-3760.

YAC Halloween2018 Children’s Halloween Party hosted by the Youth Activity Center (YAC) and Teen Center: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who hosts the best Halloween Party of them all? The Youth Activity Center, of course! On Oct. 31, the YAC and Teen Center staff transformed facilities overnight into a Halloween playground for children and families to enjoy. This year’s theme was Disney Villains. The indoor trick or treating neighborhood was expanded with more stops for kids to practice knocking, greeting, receiving a treat and saying “thank you.” The façade of the booths provided new kid-friendly entrances that attracted families to take pictures, get information, and connect with Parks, Fire, Police and Library departments. Thank you to the volunteers who made this a memorable tradition for families. For information, call the Youth Activity Center at 408-615-3760.





Join the Center of What’s Possible! The City is currently hiring for the following positions; to view job descriptions and for information on how to apply, visit:

  • As-Needed Instructor/Lifeguard
  • Assistant Engineer (Civil)
  • Electrician
  • Journey Lineworker
  • Laborer
  • Park Maintenance Crafts Worker
  • Per Diem Police Officer Special Events
  • Police Officer
  • Recruit Police Officer



City staff received the following questions at the Stadium Authority Ad-Hoc Audit Committee meeting concerning the Stadium Authority Reserves:

  1. How do we allocate the reserves based on NFL and Non-NFL events? While the Stadium Authority does not distinguish between the NFL and Non-NFL revenue that flows to the reserves, it is safe to say that the majority of the reserve balances are made up of revenues related to NFL events. NFL related revenues (NFL Ticket Surcharge and Facility Rent) make up 72 percent (72%) or $32.6 million of the Stadium Authority’s operational revenue in 2018/19.
  2. Does the Stadium Authority have a process to analyze the reserve balances periodically? The Stadium Authority follows the guidelines described in the applicable agreements (as outlined below) to determine the funding requirements for the various reserve balances. As part of the annual budget process, staff analyzes the current balances in the reserve funds to determine if additional funding is required. The 2018/19 Budget projects a combined reserve balance of $30.1 million for Operating, Capital and Debt Funds. 

Operating Expense Reserve: The Operating Expense Reserve (Operating Reserve) is funded by means of excess revenues in accordance with the priorities that are set in article 14 of the Amended and Restated Stadium Lease Agreement (Stadium Lease). In the 2014/15 Fiscal Year (the initial lease year), there were sufficient excess revenues to contribute $10 million to the Operating Reserve. Each year thereafter, excess revenues have been available to build this reserve by three percent (3%) annually. Once the Forty Niners SC Stadium Company Subordinated Loan (Subordinated Loan) is fully paid, excess revenues will then be used to fund the Operating Reserve up to $20 million. This is based on the priorities set for the use of excess revenues. The table below shows the 2018/19 Projected Operating Reserve activity.

2018/19 Projected Operating Reserve Activity

Beginning Balance





Ending Balance


Debt Service Reserve: The Debt Service Reserve is described in section 2.1(a) of the Credit Agreement. That agreement sets the Debt Service Reserve at $11.5 million which was fully funded when the stadium debt was refinanced in June 2013. Section 3.6 of the Deposit and Disbursement Agreement further states that the Debt Service Reserve Required Amount will be maintained until the maturity date of any Term Loan.

Capital Expense Reserve: The funding of the Capital Expense Reserve (CapEx Reserve) is described in article 10 of the Stadium Lease. The annual CapEx reserve contribution was set at $2 million in the first lease year and for each succeeding lease year this annual contribution increases by three percent (3%). Secondly, for any lease year in which there are excess revenues, an additional $1 million can be contributed to the CapEx Reserve in accordance with the priorities that are set in article 14 of the Stadium Lease. This amount also increases by three percent (3%) annually. The Stadium Authority has been able to contribute the full $3 million (plus the three percent (3%) annual inflator) for each lease year to date. These funds are then used in accordance with the Capital Expense Budget. The table below shows the 2018/19 Projected CapEx Reserve activity.

2018/19 Projected CapEx Reserve Activity

Beginning Balance






Ending Balance



Renovation/Demolition Reserve: The Renovation/Demolition Reserve (Demo Reserve) is also funded by means of Excess Revenues as described in article 14 of the Amended and Restated Stadium Lease Agreement (Stadium Lease). Based on the priorities set for the use of excess revenues, no funds have been deposited into the Demo Reserve to date. Once the Subordinated Loan is fully paid, and the Operating Reserve is funded up to $20 million, then excess revenues will be used to fund the Demo Reserve up to $70 million.

49ers vs. New York Giants: 49ers vs. New York Giants: On Monday, Nov.12, the New York Giants vs. the 49ers football game was held at Levi’s Stadium. There were no significant police events at the game. The next day, a 32-year-old Spokane, Washington man, Ian Powers who attended the game, was reported missing to the Santa Clara Police Department. Police continue to investigate the man’s disappearance. For more information, contact the Police Department at 408-615-4700.

Upcoming Stadium Events 

November 30

College Football: 2018 Pac-12 Championship

December 9

49ersvs. Broncos

December 16

49ers vs. Seahawks



Outdoor RinkIce Skating Rink at Central Park Opening Soon: Starting today, the ice skating rink at Central Park, located at 969 Kiely Blvd., will be available for open skate, classes, or private events. Open until Jan. 21, 2019, admission tickets start at $10 for youth (4 -12), adults (13 and up) at $15, and children 3 and under are free.  For more information, including hours and dates, call the Community Recreation Center at 408-615-3140 or visit the webpage.

Tree LightingThe Annual Holiday Tree Lighting: Join us on Dec. 7, 2018, at 5:00 p.m.,for the Annual Holiday Tree Lighting at the Central Park located at 969 Kiely Blvd. A City of Santa Clara tradition for over 100 years, this event includes a colorful “live” holiday tree with heirloom Teddy Bear, live holiday stage music and entertainment, dancing, children’s and family activities, ice skating rink, non-profit food and information booths, fireworks, and a Mayoral Proclamation of an honorary “Holiday Tree Lighter.” For questions, please call the Community Recreation Center at 408-615-3140.

Talk and Tour at the Police Dept.: On Nov. 28, from 7-9:00 p.m., the Santa Clara Police Department will host a talk and tour at the police station. The program, led by Police Chief Mike Sellers or Assistant Police Chief Dan Winter, is designed to provide an overview of the Santa Clara Police Department and to give residents a tour of their police station. This program is for adults only. Due to space, an RSVP is required. RSVPs are accepted by calling 408-615-4892 or emailing




Visit the Tentative Meeting Agenda Calendar for dates of upcoming Council Study Sessions, Joint Council/Commission meetings, as well as Council Public Hearing and General Business agenda items online at Legislative Public Meetings on the City’s website. As you can see, while tentative and subject to change, it provides key policy items that the Council/Board will need to dedicate time to deliberate and that may take considerable time during the upcoming meetings.

 Contact Information:

Deanna J. Santana, City Manager


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