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Did You Get a New Bicycle?

Post Date:12/26/2018 1:00 PM

Were you the recipient of a new bicycle for the holidays? Take a moment to learn about ways to protect your new investment.

Keep Your Bicycle Safe

More bicycles are stolen from home (yard, porch, garage, dorm room) than any other location. When your bicycle and its associated components and accessories are not in use, store them in a secure location and lock them properly.

Your bicycle should be locked near other bicycles in a permanent rack that is cemented or anchored to the ground. If a bicycle rack is not available, lock it to a fixed, immovable object or in an enclosed, locked space (garage).

A lightweight cable or chain lock offers little protection. The best choice is a strong, reliable U-lock. A cable lock combined with a U-lock offers bicyclists the best protection. The more time and trouble it takes a thief to attack your bicycle the less likely it is that your bicycle will become a theft statistic.

Position your bicycle frame and wheels so that you take up as much of the open space within the U-portion of the lock as possible. The tighter the lock up, the harder it will be for a thief to insert a pry bar and pry open your lock. If your U-lock has its keyway on the end of the crossbar, position the lock with its keyway end facing down towards the ground. This makes it harder for the thief to access your lock.

Protect Your Investment

Write down your bicycle make, model and serial number. Take a photograph of your bicycle. Keep this information together in a secure space as it is very helpful to law enforcement and your insurance provider should your bicycle be stolen.

The National Bike Registry works with law enforcement to return stolen bicycles to their rightful owners. Registering your bicycle is quick, easy and conducted online at Upon completion, the National Bike Registry will send you a Certificate of Registration and a tamper-resistant label to identify your bicycle. Then, if your bicycle is ever stolen and recovered, it can be returned to you.

Reporting Stolen Property

A crime in progress should be reported by calling 9-1-1. Non-emergency circumstances can be communicated via the Santa Clara Police Department’s non-emergency phone line, (408)615-5580. If you were a victim of a property crime, a Police Report can be filed online or by calling (408)615-4700.

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