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Common Thread in Residential Burglaries

Post Date:05/10/2019 1:00 PM

The vast majority of residential burglaries share some distinct attributes.

Criminals look for homes that are an easy target, provide quick access and often seek items that can easily be converted into cash. Some things to be mindful of are…

  • Open or unlocked doors, windows or sliding glass doors
  • A garage remote in a nearby vehicle that can be used to provide direct access to the home from the garage
  • A large pet door

Small, expensive items are usually the target - jewelry, laptops, guns, cameras, personal electronic devices and cash. Place family heirlooms, firearms and jewelry in a safe and don’t leave other valuables, such as electronics, out in the open for easy access.

Take simple precautions, such as locking windows and doors and removing garage remotes from vehicles, to prevent most residential burglaries.

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