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City Committees

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Americans With Disabilities Act Committee:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Committee is composed of community individuals and organizations such as VIA Rehabilitation Hearing Loss Association of America and the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center (SVILC) to review accessibility issues. Members of the public are invited to attend the meetings and participate in the various accessibility issues discussed. 

Ad-hoc Stadium Audit Committee:

On July 19, 2016, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority Board approved appointing a three-member committee to oversee the work and progress of the audit being performed by Harvey M. Rose, LLC.

Architectural Committee:

Originally established in 1960 and reinstated as a Council Committee on January 21, 1986, the Committee, which includes two appointed members of the Planning Commission, reviews new development projects to encourage orderly and harmonious appearance of structures and property, maintains property and improvement values, and encourages the physical development as intended by the General Plan.

Audit Committee:

Reviews the annual independent audit, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and City Auditor's Annual Report. Meetings are attended with independent auditor.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee:

Established on May 14, 1991, to explore developing safe bicycle lanes and routes on City streets. The Committee includes a representative from the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and the Santa Clara Unified School District (revised 2/28/06).

Child Care and Preschool Committee:

Reviews current issues, trends and regulations relating to child care locally, statewide and nationally. Discusses ways of improving child care within the City.

Council Goal Setting Committee:

Established to develop a Goal Setting Program to identify overarching goals and action goals for a two-year period.

Council Officers and Elected Full Time Employees Performance/Salary Review Committee:

Established in 1990, the Committee meets when needed to review the salaries/performance of the appointed positions of City Manager, City Attorney, and City Auditor and the elected full-time positions of City Clerk and Chief of Police. All other performance/salary reviews are conducted by the City Manager per the City Charter.

Downtown Revitalization Plan Committee:

Established in 2010, the Committee meets when needed to review the current Downtown revitalization plan and to evaluate whether to re-confirm the existing conceptual plan or to re-visit the plan to explore alternative approaches.

Economic Development Committee: 
The Economic Development Committee, formerly the Mission City 21 Committee, was originally established in October, 1995.  As part of the City Council goals for 2011-13, the Council renamed the committee and placed renewed emphasis on proactive economic development.  

Ethics Committee:
Consolidated Campaign Finance Reform Committee and Ethics Ordinance Committee by Council action on January 11, 2005. The Committee goal is to further implement the City’s Ethics and Values program, including conducting a survey in partnership with Santa Clara University, and guide the Ethics program to the next level.

Facilities Naming and Honorary Recognition Ad Hoc Committee:
Established May 6, 2003, as the result of the Council Goal Setting Program for 2003-05, to develop policies for naming of City facilities and recognition criteria for conferring honorary titles / recognition.

Governance Committee:
Established on June 16, 2015 to focus on the refinement or establishment of policies and procedures regarding City Council operations, including Council communication, community group and public engagement, and general good government practices.  The scope of the Committee is limited to those areas under the City Council's purview and does not cover administrative or policy processes.

Housing Rehabilitation Loan Committee (NCIP):
Established to review requests for services from eligible residents using funds from the Neighborhood Conservation and Improvement Program. The Committee includes one Council Member and three at-large representatives from the community.

Marketing Committee:
Established a new committee to review ongoing marketing efforts and consider additional methods of promoting the City.

Neighborhood Enhancement Committee:

Established in 1999 to identify and evaluate both residential and non-residential neighborhoods and implement measures for enhancement of these areas. "Neighborhood Connections" theme implemented. Fairway Glen and Scott Lane School neighborhoods participated in programs, as well as Haman Elementary School and the Habitat for Humanity homes; Observance of "One Day Pay - National Day of Voluntary Service".

Police Activities League (PAL):

Founded and incorporated in 1970 as a nonprofit organization to provide a place where the youth of the City may enjoy educational and social benefits and athletic activities under competent supervision. The organization is managed by a board of directors comprised of volunteers.

Santa Clara Sister Cities Association:

The Santa Clara Sister Cities Association, an independent non-profit organization, assists the City in exchange activities with Coimbra, Portugal, Izumo, Japan and Limerick, Ireland -- Santa Clara's three sister-cities. The Council appoints a representative to serve as liaison to the Council.

Santa Clara University Liaison/Neighborhood - University Relations Committee (NURC):

Established in 1990 to review student housing issues (formerly Student Housing Committee). Established a forum for on-going communication and problem solving among City officials, neighborhoods, property owners and Santa Clara University officials and students. Santa Clara University/City Liaison Committee and NURC were combined because of the similar topics that the two committees cover. Three NURC meetings will be held per year (October/November, February and April) for neighborhood issues, and the STAFF TASK FORCE and the CITY-NEIGHBORHOOD FORUM will no longer be held (pursuant to Council action of June 23, 2009).

A UNIVERSITY-CITY SUBCOMMITTEE comprised of NURC City Council Members, University officials and City Executive Team Members will meet as needed.

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