Sports & Open Space Authority


Telephone: (408) 615-2210 Fax: (408) 241-6771

The Sports & Open Space Authority of the City of Santa Clara generally meets every Tuesday following the 7 p.m. City Council and Housing Authority meetings, in Council Chambers at City Hall, 1500 Warburton Avenue.

The Sports & Open Space Authority of the City of Santa Clara was created in 1974, establishing a separate agency to deal with the problems of acquisition and preservation of open space within the City and the development of local sports activities.  The Santa Clara City Councilmembers serve as Authority Members and the City Manager serves as Contract Administrator. Authority Members and Officers are as follows:

Authority Members 
Lisa M. Gillmor, Authority Chairperson
Dominic J. Caserta
Debi Davis
Pat Kolstad
Jerry Marsalli
Teresa O'Neil 
Kathy Watanabe

Authority General Counsel, Richard E. Nosky, Jr.
Authority Secretary, Rod Diridon, Jr.
Authority Treasurer, Gary Ameling
Assistant Contract Adminstrator, Alan Kurotori

Since its creation, the Sports & Open Space Authority has been involved in a number of successful projects for and on behalf of the City including the Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club. The facility was developed by the Authority on City-owned land and is operated by the Authority under a management agreement with a private company. The Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club also includes a restaurant facility and a banquet facility, both leased to a private operator.

The Authority owns 80 acres in the City of Santa Clara along Lick Mill Drive, south of Tasman Boulevard.  A portion of that property, 43.1 acres, has been leased to a private party and 1162 apartment units have been developed on that portion of the property. The City has set aside approximately 40 acres of the property to be maintained as an open space park, called Ulistac Natural Area. Trails and amenities have been developed to protect and preserve the natural amenities of the site while providing public access.  Wetlands have also been established to replace those wetlands that have been displaced by area development.  An additional use under consideration for Ulistac is a nature education facility.

These projects provide on-going revenue, recreational open space and/or housing opportunities, employment, and diversification of land uses in the City.

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