Oversight Board for Successor Agency to the City of Santa Clara Redevelopment Agency



Oversight Board Members

Mayor of City of Santa Clara appointees: 
    Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor 
     Acting Director of Finance Angela Kraetsch (Alternate: Deputy City Manager Tamera Haas)
County of Santa Clara appointees: 
    Retired, Former Director of Finance John Guthrie 
    Debbie Cauble
   (Alternate #1: Alan Minato; Alternate #2: David Barry; Alternate #3: Glen Williams)
Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) appointee: 
    SCVWD Board Member Donald Gage – Chair
Santa Clara County Board of Education appointee: 
    Matthew Tinsley (Alternate: Natalie Zaderey)
Chancellor of California State Community College appointee: 
    Vice Chancellor of Central Services Edralin (Ed) Maduli


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