"Smart Permit" Information System

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Welcome to the City of Santa Clara's "Smart Permit" Information System providing businesses and citizens with permit information online. You can check the status of a current permit or check the permit history for an address or parcel.

Using the Smart Permit Information System

Look up permit or parcel information and see an on line report on current or historical permits. You can look up the desired permit information by entering the case number (if known) or by entering the address or parcel number. Once you have entered the case number or address, click on the Search button and the permit information will appear on the next web page. Click on the Clear button if you want to clear the form and re-enter the search information.

The data from items originated before the late 1990's when the City became computerized may have more limited information available. Parcel information is derived primarily from Metroscan data based on the County of Santa Clara Assessor's information.

If you would like to see scanned copies of any documents such as the original plans please come to the Permit Center at 1500 Warburton Avenue and use the computer in the lobby. Due to copyright laws, we are not allowed to post these documents on the internet.

To start using the system, decide whether you want to look up permit information using the case number, address or the parcel number.

NOTE: Please do not type in the words "Street", "Avenue", "Road", etc. or the system will not find the information. Just type in the name of the street by itself in the Street field. Do not use periods in any field. Click on the appropriate link to begin your search:

To apply for permits online, visit Online Permit and Inspection.

Questions? Please call us at 408-615-2440 or email us at building@santaclaraca.gov

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