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What is the Zoning Code?

The City’s Zoning Code regulates land uses within the boundaries of Santa Clara. The Code establishes zoning districts (e.g., Single-Family, General Office, Downtown Commercial) that are applied to individual properties consistent with the General Plan land use designations. For each of the zone districts in the city, the Code identifies land uses that are permitted, conditionally permitted, and not permitted. It also establishes standards such as minimum lot size, maximum building height, and the minimum distance buildings must be set back from the street. Provisions for parking, landscaping, lighting, and other rules that guide the development of projects in the city are also included.

The overall goals of the Zoning Code are to promote the city’s growth in an orderly manner and to promote and protect the public health, safety, peace, comfort, and general welfare in conformance with the 2010–2035 General Plan (PDF, 50 MB).

To access the City of Santa Clara's Zoning Code, click on the following link: Zoning Code.


Zoning Code Educational


What is Your Zoning?

To find out zoning information for your property you may do one of the following:

Once you identify your zoning designation, continue to the links below for the corresponding zoning ordinance and webpages. If your zoning designation does not appear below, please contact the Planning Division for more information.


Residential Zoning Districts

R1-8L – Single-Family, Larger Lot Area Zoning Districts

R1-6L – Single-Family Zoning Districts

R2-7L – Duplex Zoning Districts

R3-18D – Low-Density Multiple-Dwelling Zoning Districts

R3-25D – Moderate-Density Multiple-Dwelling Zoning Districts

R3-36D – Medium-Density Multiple-Dwelling Zoning Districts


Non-Residential and Other Zoning Districts

A – Agricultural Zoning Districts

R3-M – Mobile Home Park Zoning Districts

R3-RV – Recreational Vehicle Park Zoning Districts

OA – Professional Office Zoning Districts

OG – General Office Zoning Districts

CN – Neighborhood Commercial Zoning Districts

CC – Community Commercial Zoning Districts

CT – Thoroughfare Commercial Zoning Districts

CD – Downtown Commercial Zoning Districts

CP – Commercial Park Zoning Districts

CR – Commercial Recreation Zoning Districts

MP – Planned Industrial Zoning Districts

ML – Light Industrial Zoning Districts

MH – Heavy Industrial Zoning Districts

B – Public, Quasi-Public, and Public Park or Recreation Zoning Districts

PD – Planned Development and Combined Zoning Districts

HT – Historic Combining Districts

Zoning Code Update

The City of Santa Clara is updating its Zoning Code. The City’s existing code was developed in March 1969 and does not reflect the recently adopted Santa Clara 2010–2035 General Plan. This update will make the code consistent with state and federal law and the direction provided in the 2010–2035 General Plan. The General Plan was developed with broad input from the community and provides tools for Santa Clara to achieve the vision outlined in the plan. The Zoning Code must adequately address relevant community issues, and updating it will help to achieve this. The update will be a simplification of the existing code, not a radical change, and will improve ease of use through a new format.


How Can I Learn More?

There will be a number of opportunities for you to get involved and talk with the staff working on this update. Email the project planner, Yen Chen, with your contact information to receive project notices, meeting announcements, and updates. Tell us what you think by attending the community open house or contacting City staff via e-mail or phone. 

E-mail: YChen@santaclaraca.gov

Phone: (408) 615-2455 

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