On-Site Treatment of Hazardous Wastes

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The Santa Clara Fire Department Hazardous Materials Division maintains records and conducts inspections of hazardous waste generators who treat wastes on-site in a Fixed Treatment Unit under Permit by Rule, Conditional Authorization, and Conditional Exemption. The Division currently does not inspect Transportable Treatment Units, full permit facilities, or standardized permit facilities.

Companies that wish to treat hazardous waste under Permit by Rule, Conditional Authorization, or Conditional Exemption, must complete a notification form (DTSC 1772) and submit it to the Hazardous Materials Division.

The notification form (DTSC 1772), and the instruction sheet for the form, may be picked up at our office (1675 Lincoln Street, Santa Clara). The notification forms (Hwf1772f, Hwf1772u, and others, as applicable) may also be downloaded from the California Environmental Protection Agency website. Forms may also be mailed to you through the U.S. Postal Service. You may send an email to request that a form be mailed. Please provide your complete mailing address. You may also request the form by calling our office at (408) 615-4960.

The Hazardous Materials Division charges those businesses which treat hazardous waste an annual fee based on the highest tier of treatment conducted at the site. The current fees are listed on the Fees page.
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