Building Inspection Scheduling

Automated Inspection Request and Permit Status Information System

City of Santa Clara
Building Inspection Division     
Permit Center
1500 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Permit Center: (408) 615-2420            Inspection Division: (408) 615-2440 
Fax: (408) 241-3823
Automated Inspection Scheduling Phone: (408) 615-2400

For online scheduling, click here.

To schedule a building inspection, hear your two hour time window when the inspector will arrive at your job site, cancel your inspection or check your plan check status, please call 408-615-2400. This automated service is available 24 hours a day.

Inspection time requests are not guaranteed and may be changed due to inspectors' workloads and locations of that day's inspections. Please always listen for the date your inspection will occur. There are times that inspections cannot be scheduled for the next day due to staffing, holidays, or an extremely high numbers of inspections are being scheduled. A next day inspection is not guaranteed.

Please call 408-615-2400 at 8:45 a.m. on the day of your inspection to hear your two hour time window as to when your inspector will arrive at your job site. Time windows are not available until the day of the inspection.

Inspections can only be scheduled for the next non-holiday business day. If you are calling after 7:30 a.m. to cancel a same day inspection, please call the office main line at 408-615-2440.

For complete instructions on how to use the automated system, please click here for a PDF you may print out.

Inspection Code List:

Concrete and Masonry
101 Foundation
104 Rebar

111 Underfloor framing
112 Floor nailing
113 Hold downs
114 Interior shear
115 Exterior shear
116 Roof nailing
118 Rough frame

Drywall and Int. Finish
131 Drywall
132 Exterior lath
133 Interior lath
134 T-Bar ceiling grid

201 Temp pole
202 Service ufer ground
203 Underground electrical
204 Underfloor electrical
205 Service bond grounding
206 New electric service
207 Transformer
208 Service upgrade
209 T-Bar electrical
210 Rough electrical
211 Main switch board
212 Panel boards
213 Equipment hook-up
299 Electrical final

401 Underground mechanical
402 Underfloor mechanical
403 Type I hood
404 Type II hood
405 Fire dampers
406 T-Bar ceiling mechanical
407 Rough mechanical
408 Gas test
499 Mechanical final

501 Storage racks
502 Insulation
599 Building final

301 Underground plumbing
302 Underfloor plumbing
303 Storm drains
304 Water heater
305 Shower pan test
306 Underground water service
307 Rough plumbing
308 Gas test
399 Plumbing final





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