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The following Police Department accomplishments have been adopted by the City of Santa Clara City Council in the annual Budget Brochure. For a complete summary of the Department’s revenue, expenditures and details on City services, log onto the Finance Department webpage.

FY 13/14 Accomplishments

  • Proactive Policing implemented to maintain a safe Santa Clara:
  • A detailed operations plan to provide police services at Levi’s Stadium was developed and officers were trained on stadium operations.
  • Approximately 100 Per Diem Special Events Police Officers were hired to provide police services at Levi’s Stadium.
  • A comprehensive Social Media program was launched to provide community outreach and interaction (Facebook, Twitter, Nixle).
  • Subscriber equipment for the new City Wide Radio System was purchased and distribution to various city departments began.
  • Conducted a comprehensive reorganization of department personnel to ensure an efficient distribution of resources.
  • Implemented a software based scheduling program to improve efficiency.
  • Revitalized and reorganized the Bicycle Patrol Unit with new personnel, training, and equipment.
  • Installed security surveillance equipment at the PD and other city locations.
  • Improved efficiency of Crime Lab submissions especially in regards to DNA analysis resulting in one of the highest hit-to-submission ratios of any agency in the county.

 FY 14/15 Accomplishments

  • Transitioned to a new state of the art P25 digital radio system in cooperation with the Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Authority (SVRIA).
  • Provided law enforcement services for 23 major events at Levi’s Stadium with over 1,300,000 spectators
  • Organized a framework of public safety needs for Super Bowl 50, established 25 subcommittees to fulfill these needs and identified key local, State and Federal personnel to support these subcommittees.
  • Hired approximately 120 Per Diem Special Events Police Officers to provide police services at Levi’s Stadium. Approximately 58 Per Diem Traffic Control personnel were hired to provide traffic control services for events held at Levi’s Stadium.
  • Developed a policy to support the Department’s new Mentorship Program for sworn and civilian staff. Implemented a software tracking database (LEA Data) to track Use of Force incidents, Internal Affairs Complaints, Officer involved collisions, and Awards.
  • Dedicated resources for the return of the Special Enforcement Team (SET) which arrested 498 suspects and recovered 21 stolen vehicles.
  • Researched, conducted field tests, upgraded in-house and outside data storage and developed a policy to support a purchase of Body Worn Cameras for Police Officers and Police Reserves.
  • The Nuisance Suppression Unit managed approximately 300 continuing quality of life issues citywide and issued an estimated $40,000 in citations in the Santa Clara University footprint.
  • Fulfilled grant goals and objectives, including $75,000 Alcoholic Beverage Control Grant, $30,000 Avoid the 13 Grant and $50,000 Office of Traffic Safety Grant.
  • Initiated a strategic plan to evaluate Department staffing levels with anticipated results in Fall, 2015.
  • Continue to enhance the web and digital media initiative to provide community outreach and interaction (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Nextdoor, YouTube, eNotify and
  • The Department added two new Police Officer positions and one Community Service Officer, and three Police Sergeants positions were unfrozen in order to support increased patrol on streets and service needs of residents.

FY 15/16 Accomplishments

  • Served as the lead law enforcement agency for Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium, with 71,088 ticketed attendees. Organized a framework of public safety needs for Super Bowl 50, established 25 subcommittees to fulfill these needs, and identified key Local, State and Federal personnel to support these subcommittees.
  • Conducted research, field tests, and crafted a policy leading up to a purchase to equip Police Officers with Body Worn Cameras. The Body Worn Cameras are expected to strengthen police accountability, improve the behavior of people being recorded and reduce confrontational situations, provide an accurate record of events, improve agency transparency, identify misconduct, strengthen officer performance, and improve evidence documentation. The now deployed body worn cameras were purchased with Citizens’ Option for Public Safety (COPS) Grant dollars ($135,000) and a capital improvement project ($300,000) approved by the Santa Clara City Council.
  • Hired the Center of Public Safety Management, LLC (CPSM) to perform a staffing and operational analysis of the Department. Presented the Executive Summary and recommendations to the City Council on January 26, 2016. Established a Recruiting Committee to research and recommend hiring incentives, evaluate existing hiring practices, and implement new practices with the goal of reducing recruiting time, expediting processes, and yielding more well-qualified candidates. The new recruitment strategy takes advantage of the City’s new branding messages and attempts to address some of the challenges facing law enforcement.
  • Facilitated technology enhancements in the Communications Center, including adding Cal COP software to provide the Santa Clara Police Department with a regional picture of police activity among agencies throughout several Bay Area counties.

FY 16/17

  • On 1/26/16, Council agreed with CPSM’s recommendation to fund 19 new employees, unfreeze 5 frozen positions and create job descriptions to civilianize select positions over the FY16/17 and 17/18 budget cycles. In FY 16/17, SCPD successfully hired 25 sworn and civilian employees (existing vacancies and new positions);
  • Started a multi-year, $3,000,000 Capital Improvement Project to replace the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems. The stabilization of the current Mobile Data Computers will be in a secondary benefit of this project;
  • Facilitate a $500,000 Capital Improvement Project to implement security Upgrades to our Police Building;
  • The City of Santa Clara is in its final year of the Capital Improvement Project for the County-wide P25 Radio Project;
  • After a one-year pilot, SCPD has now implemented a four Division structure: Field Operations, Investigations, Special Operations and Administrative Services;
  • Prosecuted the Oakland Ghost Town Gang for a string of auto burglaries County-wide;
  • Solved all three homicides that occurred in 2016;
  • Initiated a P.O.S.T Audit and began implementing recommendations based on the findings;
  • Secured grant funds (approximately $200,000) and utilized Asset Forfeiture dollars (approximately $90,000) to purchase TASER’s, Patrol rifles, riot gear, in-car radios for detective vehicles, canine equipment, evidence related technology, tactical vests for the Special Response Team and third floor conference room refurbishment;
  • Facilitated a variety of community outreach meetings among residents and businesses (e.g. City-wide Neighborhood Watch meeting, Chat with the Chief, Coffee with a Cop, Active Shooter Preparedness and Prevention);
  • Named the 11th Safety City in America by American City and County Magazine (compiled by Business Insider by Niche data); and   
  • Our Communications Dispatch Center accomplishments included:

    Completed the Communications Center Training Manual

    Ability to serve as a Command Post during times of emergency
    Addition of Cal COP software
    Three (3) upgrades to services (virtual environment)
    Customer premise equipment replacement (phone), in preparation for text 9-1-1 (paid in full by State grant
    Upgrade of audio logging server and software (record radio traffic and 9-1-1 lines) to include a quality assurance program
    Upgraded mobile IP’s and servers for the mobile devices 

FY 17/18 Accomplishments

  • In FY 17/18, SCPD successfully hired 22 sworn and civilian employees (existing vacancies and new positions);
  • In 2017, the Communications Center fielded 167,821 calls. Of these, 86,416 were calls for service (53,865 Police; 22,454 Self-Initiated Police Calls for Service; 10,097 fire calls for service).
  • The Communications Center implemented the Text-to-911. This technology allows individuals to send a text message through the 9-1-1 network and reach Public Safety Dispatchers. This service is particularly valuable report emergencies for those who cannot safely call 9-1-1 in a dangerous situation, or for those who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability;
  • Transitioned from VieVu body worn cameras to a five-year contract with Axon Enterprises;
  • Expanded Traffic/Motorcycle Unit by two police officers (largest unit in Santa Clara County)
  • Secured grant funds (approximately $300,000) and utilized Asset Forfeiture dollars (approximately $90,000) to facilitate community programs and purchase frontline law enforcement equipment;
  • Utilized $30,000 in funding from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to hire My90 facilitate a year-long project evaluating the public’s perception of the Santa Clara Police Department;
  • Facilitated a variety of community outreach meetings among residents and businesses (e.g. City-wide Neighborhood Watch meeting, Chat with the Chief, Coffee with a Cop, Active Shooter Preparedness and Prevention);
  • Carefully prepared operation orders for 18 major events, with attendance of 20,000+, at Levi’s Stadium. An estimated 930,000 individuals safely attended concerts, entertainment and sporting events in 2017;
  • Hired Hexagon to meet the operational, technical and business needs for the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems project, with an implementation timeline of Fall, 2018;
  • Finished a Capital Improvement Project to enhance security of the Police Building;
  • Enhance safety features in the City's Pistol Range (built in 1974) to address ballistic integrity, ricochet threats and sound absorption;
  • The California Highway Patrol contract with law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County for enforcement (e.g. speed, carpool violations), traffic collision investigations and major injury accident reconstruction of local expressways terminated in January, 2018. As a result, effective January 1, 2018, SCPD is now responsible to respond to incidents and provide enforcement on Central, Lawrence, Montague and San Tomas Expressways;
  • Conducted a facility assessment of the seventeen (17) year old Police Building to assist with budgeting of equipment maintenance and replacement;
  • Purchased a Total Station, an electronic, optical instrument used in surveying and can be used to reconstruct accident or crime scenes with computer technology; and
  • Named the 20th Safety City in America by American City and County Magazine (compiled by Business Insider by Niche data).

FY 18/19 Goals 

  • Complete the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management (RMS) system development, facilitate staff training and "go live" in November, 2018; 
  • Purchase a Crime Scene Vehicle with grant funding;
  • Adop Lexipol public safety policy manual intended to provide comprehensive, defensible Department policies written by legal and public safety professionals based on current government legislation and case decisions;
  • Continue to work with Santa Clara County Police Chief’s Association in response to legislation changes (e.g. AB109, Propositions 47 and 57) and subsequent regional issues (e.g. homelessness, traffic, mental illness);
  • Address short and long-term funding for vehicle replacement;
  • My90 to report on year-long Citizen Satisfaction Survey. SCPD to develop a work plan to integrate recommendations to communicate more effectively with residents and promote public transparency;
  • Develop a five-year staffing plan to guide the needs and associated budget needs to match community expectations, service philosophy, crime trends, calls for service, population and density;
  • Recommend changes to the City of Santa Clara's Municipal Code, Chapter 5.40 - Massage Establishments, Chapter 5.35 - Taxicabs and Chapter 5.75- Bingo Regulations; and,
  • Plan for public safety at the College National Championship game at Levi’s Stadium on January 7, 2019.        



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