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Crime Statistics
Word Cloud Illustration in Shape of Hand Showing ProtestPart I Crimes occur with sufficient frequency to provide an adequate basis for comparison. These totals are submitted monthly to the State of California Department of Justice where they are recorded and then forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigations for their annual Uniform Crime Report (UCR).

What is Uniform Crime Reporting? 
Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) is a statewide law enforcement program designed to provide a nationwide view of crime based on the submission of statistics by law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Each agency is required to report monthly crime statistics to the California Department of Justice, which will in turn be forwarded to the FBI. The FBI then uses this information to publish their annual Uniform Crime Report.

For practical purposes, the reporting of offenses known is limited to the crime classifications listed in the Part I Crimes Summary because they are crimes most likely to be reported and crimes that occur with sufficient frequency to provide an adequate basis for comparison.

The following table includes annual totals for Part I Crimes in the City of Santa Clara: 

Part I Crimes




Homicide 0 0 0
Rape 9 13 28* 25 
Robbery 61 55 89 71 
Assault (simple & aggravated) 688 548 568 534 
Burglary 584 461 577 586 
Larceny - Theft 2,273 2,169 2,287 2,642 
Vehicle - Theft 449 393 404 399 
Arson 17 17 11 10 
Part I Crime Totals 4,081


3,964 4,244 
Total Arrests (Part I plus all other crimes, adult and juvenile)             5,073 4,857  5,534 5,256 
Police Reports 14,273 13,089 15,368 14,668 
Calls for Service (Police) 57,038 57,703 61,390 56,757 
Police Officer Initiated Activity 23,764 25,751 27,623 27,583 
Percent of Calls Resulting in a Police Report 18%  16%  17%  17% 
Calls for Service (Fire) 9,299  9,343  9,636  10,304 

 * Rape totals have increased due to a change in classification of crimes per the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation

Online Crime Alerts and Maps

The Santa Clara Police Department offers online crime alerting and mapping services that provide easy to read incident crime maps and automated alerts. Neighborhood crime data is available in near real-time. Crime information can be found at Crime Reports or Raids Online

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