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Crime Statistics

The Santa Clara Police Department participates in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, which is a statewide law enforcement program designed to provide a nationwide view of criminal activity. The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program to classify crime into two groups: Part I and Part II offenses, and each participating agency is required to report Part I crime statistics on a monthly basis to the California Department of Justice (DOJ), which is then forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).


Part I offenses are selected for submission to the DOJ because they are considered to be the crimes most likely reported, and considered as crimes that occur at a sufficient frequency for comparative purposes. These offenses are broken down further into two classifications: violent crimes and property crimes.



The FBI combines criminal data from each participating agency and publishes their findings in an annual Uniform Crime Report. Further information regarding participating agencies and/or crime statistics for a given jurisdiction, can be found at https://www.bjs.gov/ucrdata/.

The following tables provide a measure of Part I crimes in the City of Santa Clara for the current year.

Part I Crimes Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2019 Totals
Homicide 0 0                      0
Rape 7 6                      13
Robbery 4 3                      7

Assault (simple & aggravated)

55 51                      106
Burglary 44  26                       70
Larceny - Theft 438  398                      836
Vehicle - Theft 35  36                      71
Arson  6                      6
Part I Crime Totals 583   526                     1,109

Law enforcement agencies can clear, or “close,” offenses in one of two ways:  by arrest or by exceptional means. To close a case by arrest, there are three conditions that at least one person has been:

  • Arrested
  • Charged with the commission of the offense
  • Turned over to the court for prosecution (whether following arrest, court summons, or police notice)

In certain situations, elements beyond law enforcement’s control prevent the agency from arresting and formally charging the offender. When this occurs, the agency can clear the offense exceptionally. Law enforcement agencies must meet the following four conditions in order to clear an offense by exceptional means. The agency must have:

  • Identified the offender
  • Gathered enough evidence to support an arrest, make a charge, and turn over the offender to the court for prosecution
  • Identified the offender’s exact location so that the suspect could be taken into custody immediately
  • Encountered a circumstance outside the control of law enforcement that prohibits the agency from arresting, charging, and prosecuting the offender

Examples of exceptional clearances include, but are not limited to, the death of the offender (e.g., suicide or justifiably killed by police or citizen); the victim’s refusal to cooperate with the prosecution after the offender has been identified; or the denial of extradition because the offender committed a crime in another jurisdiction and is being prosecuted for that offense. In the UCR Program, the recovery of property alone does not clear an offense.

In its clearance calculations, the UCR Program counts the number of offenses that are cleared, not the number of persons arrested. The arrest of one person may clear several crimes, and the arrest of many persons may clear only one offense. In addition, some clearances that an agency records in a particular calendar year, such as 2015, may pertain to offenses that occurred in previous years.

The following clearance statistics have been submitted to the Department of Justice, reflecting January-June, 2018.

Homicide 0 0                    
Rape 2 0                    
Robbery 0 1                    
Aggravated Assault 13 6                  
Burglary 1 1                    
Larceny - theft 17 9                    
Motor Vehicle Theft 1 2                    
Arson 0 0                    
Part I Clearance Totals 34 19                      
Person Crimes 15 7                      
Property Crimes 19 12                      

Total Clearance Rate

6.2% 3.9%                  

For comparison purposes, below is a summary of Part 1 Crimes over the past several years.

Part I Crimes 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016  2017 2018 
Homicide 0 0 0 1 ** 3 ^  2+
Rape 9 13 28* 20* 17*  35  33
Robbery 61 55 89 71 58  82 74 
Assault (simple & aggravated) 688 548 568 526 481  536  561
Burglary 584 461 577 586 366  408 429 
Larceny - Theft 2,273 2,169 2,287 2,641 2,035  2,810 2,860 
Vehicle - Theft 449 393 404 399 413  400  452
Arson 17 17 11 10 7  7  11
Part I Crime Totals 4,081 3,656 3,964 4,254 3,380  4,280  4,421
Total Arrests (Part Iplus all other crimes, adult and juvenile) 5,073 4,857 5,534 5,256 4,785  4,658  3,646
Police Reports 14,273 13,089 15,368 14,668 12,503  14,562  15,032
Calls for Service (Police) 57,038 57,703 61,390 56,757 50,211  53,865  58,912
Police Officer Initiated Activity 23,764 25,751 27,623 27,583 28,374  22,454  24,869
Calls for Service (Fire) 9,299 9,343 9,636 10,304 10,480  10,097  9,238

* Rape totals increased in 2014 and subsequent years due to a change in classification of crimes per the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

** 10/25/15 Homicide (Case #15-12367) resulted in the arrest of Soloman Bowen and Reymundo Perez.

^ 1/8/16 Murder (Case #16-269) resulting in the arrest of Tara McNeill Palajac (family member of victim); 1/29/16 Homicide (Case #16-1040) resulting in arrest of Jonah Castro (friend of the victim); 8/19/16 (Case #16-7700) Murder/Suicide with the suspect identified as Lee Corbin (son of the victim).

+7/5/17 Homicide (Case #17-5727) resulting in the arrests of Eric Carter and Giovanny Ortiz on 7/7/17; 8/8/17 (Case #17-6766) with the suspect identified as Michael Reyer (husband of victim).

Online Crime Alerts and Maps

The Santa Clara Police Department offers online crime alerting and mapping services that provide easy to read incident crime maps and automated alerts. Neighborhood crime data is available in near real-time. Crime information can be found at Crime Reports or LexisNexis.

County-Wide Crime Statistics

Santa Clara County Law Enforcement Agencies have compiled County-wide crime statistics into one document.

Traffic Violations

Citation Type JAN  feb  mar aPr mAY  jUN  jUL aug   sep  oct nov  dec 2019 total
Traffic Citations  514  431                      945
Parking Citations 700  486                    1,186
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