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Pavement Maintenance Program

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Pavement Preservation:   Please refer to the Pavement Preservation webpage.

Assessment: Inspections are performed to track street conditions and identify areas that have impacts on safety, durability, and appearance.

Preventive Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance, if performed in a timely manner, is the most cost-effective way to maintain pavement. Its purpose is to extend the life of the road and to keep it looking and riding in like-new condition. Treatments performed under the preventive maintenance program include crack sealing, chip sealing, slurry sealing, and resurfacing. Normally, street pavement is designed to have a useful life span of 20 years. The useful life of roads can be extended from 20 to as much as 50-60 years if maintenance is performed on a regularly scheduled basis. The City uses the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) Pavement Management System which stores current and historical street condition data. This system uses a computer model to predict the proper timing and most cost effective treatment for each street based on available funding resources.

Pavement Reconstruction: When the condition of a street reaches a point where preventive maintenance is no longer cost-effective, reconstruction is required. Reconstruction involves removing the entire roadway structure and replacing it.

Upcoming Pavement Projects:

Recently Completed Projects:

  • 2017 Pavement Resurfacing Project
    • Great America Parkway (Tasman Drive to State Route 237), Bowers Avenue, Cypress Avenue, Fernandez Court, and Forest Avenue
    • 23,402 California waste tires were diverted from the waste stream by this Project
    • This Project was funded by a grant from CalRecycle
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  • Great America Parkway Pavement Improvements Project
    • Mission College Boulevard to Tasman Drive
  • Graham Lane Neighborhood Street Improvement Project
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