Water & Sewer Utilities Fact Sheet

Number of Employees 53
Operating Budget (2013-14) $49,757,703
Fast Facts:  
  Number of Potable Water Accounts 25,467
  Miles of Water Pipeline 315
Average Water Production 18.9 MGD

Number of Active Water Wells

Water Plant Capacity 87 MGD
Water Storage Capacity 27.3 MG
Number of Recycled Water Accounts 227
  Miles of Recycled Water Pipeline 34
Average Annual Recycled Water Use 2.8 MGD
  Miles of Sewer Line 277

Regional Sewage Treatment Plant Capacity
    San Jose & Santa Clara Water Pollution

    Control Plant Santa Clara’s Share, 15%

167 MGD
  Type of Sewage Treatment Advanced-Tertiary
  Number of Solar Pool Systems 231

Number of Solar Domestic Hot Water



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