A Fat Free Diet For Your Kitchen Sink!

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When fat, oil or grease is poured down the kitchen sink or other drain, it sticks to the
inside of the pipes located under your house or apartment and in your lateral that runs out
to the street. Over time, these deposits will build up, eventually clogging your sewer line.
The use of soaps and detergents, that claim to dissolve grease, will not stop the grease
from re-depositing inside the sewer lines.

Putting fat, oils or grease down the garbage disposal will not help. Garbage disposals
only shred food particles into smaller pieces. These bits and pieces of food from the
garbage disposal can combine with the grease to cause the sewer line to clog sooner. If
the drain lines in your house clog, it can be expensive and messy to have the clog

Fat, oil and grease in the sewer line also increases the costs to maintain the City's sewers,
which increase sewer rates for all customers. It is easy to put you kitchen sink on a fat free diet! There are three simple things you can do to drastically reduce the amount of fat, oil and grease that goes down the drain.

  1. Pour grease and fat into a container and let it cool and solidify . Then place it in
    the trash. 
  2. Scrape grease and food scraps into the trash. 
  3. Never pour fat, oil, or grease down the drain or garbage disposal.

If your sewer does back up, you may call the City first. There is no fee for the call or for
the City crews to check the City' s main. The City crew will then tell you if the blockage
is in the City sewers or in your household plumbing.

The City' s Water and Sewer Utilities can be reached at (408) 615-2000 on weekdays
during normal business hours. The City can be reached after 5 pm to 8 am weekdays,
weekends and holidays at (408) 615-5640.

The best solution is always prevention, so keep fat, oil and grease out of your pipes and
the sewer system to avoid the inconvenience of having to call a drain cleaning service.

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