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The City of Santa Clara, from its roots as The Mission City to the home of the new Levi’s® Stadium, is revitalizing and reenergizing its brand. The City officially kicked off the initiative in February 2014, with the first meeting of the Council’s Marketing Committee. With the goal to promote economic growth while encouraging pride in our community and adding to our rich history as The Mission City. The Santa Clara brand message is aimed at businesses, developers, residents and visitors who can bring in revenue and help us to improve and strengthen our great city.

+ Why Brand?

Branding is a valuable tool whether you are a private business or a public entity, like a city. 

Creating and maintaining a brand for Santa Clara will enable us to establish ourselves as a leader in quality of life standards for our residents and a destination for tourists, celebrate our uniqueness from surrounding Bay Area cites, and create momentum for developing and doing business in Santa Clara. 

The return on taxpayer dollars being invested in this effort will be evident as we continue to improve and provide exceptional service in Santa Clara.

Phases of Development

+ Research

+ Strategy

+ Creative





  • We will continue to hold in-person forums where you can ask questions or make suggestions.
  • The new brand will help our city communicate a cohesive and enticing message to potential businesses, developers, residents and visitors who can bring in revenue and help us improve and strengthen our great city.
  • We are not replacing the City of Santa Clara seal or our city motto of The Mission City.
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