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Kevin L. Riley
Director of Planning & Inspection

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Tentative Subdivision Maps

When an application is received in Planning, it is date-stamped and receipted. Tentative Subdivision maps are tentatively listed in the Project Clearance Committee and Planning Commission meeting logs.

The file number is noted on the correct parcel in the assessor's book. Related case file numbers are read from the assessor's book (and VISO strips) and noted on the bottom of the back side of the application form and inside the front cover of the file folder.

Information about the application is entered into the Records Management System residing on the Data General computer.

Coordination reports are prepared and a copy of the plot plan is forwarded to the appropriate City departments and non-City agencies for review and comment. A planner prepares a marked copy of the Tentative Map.

Approximately ten days after transmittal, the application is considered by the Project Clearance Committee. All agency concerns and any environmental issues regarding the application are discussed.

Ten days prior to the Planning Commission meeting, notices of the public hearing are placed in the local newspaper and mailed to all property owners within a 300 foot radius of the property. Notices are posted on public poles in the immediate area of the proposal. Concerned citizens may contact the Planning Division and make written comments regarding the application and may formally address the Commission regarding the proposal.

At the meeting, the members of the Planning Commission review staff recommendations, public testimony and the applicant's presentation. The Commission's vote represents a majority recommendation to the City Council regarding either approval of denial of the application.

Within ten days, minutes of the Planning Commission meeting are prepared for public review.

The Subdivision application is usually scheduled for Council action thirteen days after the Commission meeting. The City Clerk prepares the Council agenda and may be contacted regarding the scheduling of agenda items.

The Council, after hearing the applicant's presentation and taking public testimony, acts to either affirm or reverse the Commission's recommendation. Approvals are accompanied by conditions of approval.

A final map may be submitted and approved by Engineering within two years of the approval of a tentative map or else a request for extension may be submitted to the Planning Department by the applicant. The approval may be extended for a total of three additional years at the applicant's request.

Covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) are often required with Subdivision Map approvals. Review and approval of CC&Rs by the City Attorney's office and the Planning Division shall be completed prior to consideration of the final Map by the City Council.
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