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Greenhouse Gas Reduction

City endorses Greenhouse Gas Reduction Principles

The Santa Clara City Council recently endorsed a set of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Principles for its municipally owned Electric Utility, Silicon Valley Power. The principles address the critical need to reduce greenhouse gases while maintaining high power reliability and low, stable rates.

Scientists fear that an increase in the greenhouse gases that naturally cover the Earth and warm the atmosphere will result in negative changes in nature such as more severe floods and droughts, increases in the prevalence of insets, rising sea levels, and a redistribution of Earth’s precipitation.

The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Principles were jointly developed by member utilities of the California Municipal Utilities Association, a statewide association of local governments providing water, gas and electricity to California consumers, and include the commitment to:

  • proactively implement state law that requires the acquisition of all available energy efficiency and demand reduction resources that are cost-effective, reliable and feasible in its procurement of energy
  • aggressively pursue its renewable energy supplies
  • quantify the financial risk of GHG-producing resources in planning and procurement
  • measure and verify programs that reduce GHG emissions 
  • support standardized, mandatory GHG reporting
  • consider environmental justice issues in its GHG reduction policies 
  • educate customers on ways to reduce GHG emissions.
Last updated: 8/14/2009 11:23:01 AM