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Director of Water & Sewer Utilities

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Business Rebates

Report Water Wasters

Below is listed a little about some of the water conservation programs offered by the Santa Clara Valley Water District to help commercial properties conserve water and save money. For more information about the available programs, contact the water conservation hotline at (408) 265-2607 x 2554.

Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate Program
The Santa Clara Valley Water District is offering rebates of $400 per unit on purchased and leased high-efficiency commercial washing machines.

Commercial High Efficiency Toilet Program
The District is offering free High Efficiency Toilets and/or urinals, including installation to qualifying businesses and schools in Santa Clara County.

Landscape Rebate Program
The Landscape Rebate Program is designed to assist homeowners and commercial, industrial and institutional property owners increase their outdoor water use efficiency by replacing high water use landscape and/or upgrading to high efficiency irrigation equipment. Simple changes in plant type and irrigation methods can greatly reduce the water required for an attractive landscape. There are many plants that use surprisingly little water; many flowering shrubs, annuals, perennials and trees that need little to no water once established. There are also several irrigation equipment upgrades that can be made to increase your irrigation system’s efficiency which can result in saving water and saving money.

Landscape Survey Program
Since 1994, the Santa Clara Valley Water District has been helping landscape manger improve their irrigation efficiency. Through the innovative Landscape Survey Program, surveyors perform free site evaluations to assist property owners in better managing their water use. Our surveys have shown potential savings of up to $1,000 per year per acre of landscape.

Submeter Rebate Program
This program provides a monetary incentive for any apartment or mobile home park that goes from one master water meter to individual submeters. The rebate is $100 per submeter. Additionally, the District will offer to perform water surveys, indoor and outdoor, for any complex interested in participating, in order to help residents save water and money on their water bills.

Water Efficient Technologies Program (WET)
The District and San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant offer rebates to any business in their service area that makes process or equipment changes that conserve water and reduce wastewater flows. The rebate amount is $4.00/CCF of reduced water usage up to a maximum rebate of $50,000. 

Water Use Surveys for Businesses and Schools
The Santa Clara Valley Water District is pleased to offer a FREE Indoor Water Use Survey Program targeting the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. By appointment, a trained technician will conduct comprehensive indoor water surveys, looking at current and historic water use and providing recommendations as to how your facility can become more water efficient and save you energy and money. For more information go to the SCWVD website or call Water Wise Consulting at (408) 496-6965 to schedule an appointment.

Restaurant Table Tents
Restaurant Table TentsIn order to help conserve water, the City of Santa Clara is asking restaurants not to serve water unless it is requested. Often, the water that is served to restaurant patrons is not touched in favor of the ordered beverages. Not only is the water in the glasses wasted, those untouched glasses still must be washed wasting even more water. Restaurants participating in this program may place a table tent on your table stating this policy. You might have noticed a similar program found in many hotels which asks clientele to reuse their towels to cut down on the water used to launder them.

City of Santa Clara restaurants, who would like to utilize these free informative table tents, can contact City of Santa Clara Water Department at (408) 615-2000.

Recycled Water
Recycled WaterAvailable through the City of Santa Clara Water Department, your commercial property may be eligible to use recycled water. The City of San Jose operates the South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) program in the City of Santa Clara. Water recycling is the treatment and management of wastewater to produce a water of suitable quality for beneficial and non-potable uses. Recycled water is safe to use for agricultural crops, landscape irrigation, playgrounds, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, freeway embankments and medians, and cooling tower make-up water as well as toilet and urinal plumbing in new commercial construction. Depending on the use of the water, recycled water can be from 30-50% cheaper than potable water. Recycled water is not available to single family homes. New sites situated along the recycled water pipeline may be able to be hooked up and existing sites may be able to be retrofitted to use recycled water. To learn more about recycled water treatment and quality, use rules and regulations, and how to get connected to the system visit South Bay Water Recycling or call the Water Conservation Hotline or call the City of Santa Clara (408) 615-2000. Water recycling has numerous other benefits including:

  • Conservation of drinking water supplies.
  • Less dependency on imported water.
  • Preservation of saltwater marshland habitats.
  • Development of a new water supply with a locally controlled reliable source.
  • Environmentally beneficial - same concept as recycling bottles, cans and paper.
  • Provides a drought-proof water supply.
  • Allows continued economic vitality for the region.                                                             


To see if Recycled Water is available in your area, see the map to view the current location of the recycled water pipeline in the City of Santa Clara. Currently, Recycled Water is only available to businesses and large residential developments.

Last updated: 3/5/2013 2:51:19 PM