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Historic Properties

Historic PropertiesDepartmentPhoneFaxE-mail
"Dutch" Queen AnneCity Manager 610 Monroe Street 
1261, 1295 Jackson StreetCity Manager 1261, 1295 Jackson Street 
A. A. Warren HouseCity Manager 1160 Jackson Street 
Berryessa AdobeCity Manager(408) 615-2450373 Jefferson Street 
Carmelite MonasteryCity Manager 1000 Lincoln Street 
Daniel Moody HouseCity Manager 1111 Harrison Street 
Dr Paul's HouseCity Manager 1116 Washington Street 
Dugdell-Pinkham HouseCity Manager 1061 Fremont Street 
Elim German Community ChurchCity Manager 1298 Homestead Road 
Franck HouseCity Manager 1179 Washington Street 
George L. Sullivan HouseCity Manager 725 Madison Street 
H.L. Warburton HouseCity Manager 1191 Fremont Street 
Harris Lass Historic PreserveCity Manager(408) 249-79051889 Market Street 
Headen-Inman HouseCity Manager(408) 248-27871509 Warburton Avenue 
Henry Warburton HouseCity Manager 716 Main Street 
James Lick MansionCity Manager 554 Mansion Park Drive 
Jamison-Brown HouseCity Manager(408) 247-37541505 Warbuton Avenue 
John C. McPherson HouseCity Manager 561 Washington Street 
Johnson HouseCity Manager 1159 Main street 
Keily HouseCity Manager 1588 Homestead Road 
Lewis Gardner HouseCity Manager 1210 Jackson Street 
Luis Arguello HouseCity Manager 1085 Santa Clara Street 
Mission Santa Clara de AsisCity Manager 500 El Camino Real 
Morgan HouseCity Manager 1380 Lincoln Street 
Morse MansionCity Manager 981 Fremont Street 
Newton Jackson HouseCity Manager 1409 Lexington Street 
Palmer and Shoemaker HomesCity Manager 1195 and 1142 Main street 
Robert Menzel HouseCity Manager 1191 Benton Street 
Russell-Robinson HouseCity Manager 1184 Washington Street 
Santa Clara Railroad DepotCity Manager(408) 243-39691005 Railroad Avenue 
Semas HouseCity Manager 1543 Franklin Street 
Trogden HouseCity Manager 1669 Catherine Street 
Wilson HouseCity Manager 610 Jackson Street 
Women's Club AdobeCity Manager 3260 The Alameda