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Community Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer/Reserve Firefighters- City of Santa Clara

Even though the City of Santa Clara maintains a full-time, professional Fire Department, the volunteer force, which was created in 1854, has been retained as a viable part of the City's fire fighting and emergency response force.

The volunteer force comprises up to 75 individuals, organized into six companies. These volunteers respond directly to incidents in their own cars. They work alongside the paid firefighters at fires, and at other emergency responses including disasters.

If you are interested in a career in the fire service, the Santa Clara Fire Department Volunteer/Reserves provides training and on-the-job experience that may be the key difference between yourself and other potential firefighter candidates. In a normal month, a volunteer can receive up to 40 hours of fire service training and numerous hours of actual incident experience. The volunteers have high standards and the requirements are strictly enforced.

Being a Volunteer Reserve is also an opportunity for you to participate in our community. Volunteers learn about the various areas of the city and become familiar with your City's government. If you are new to the area and interested in fire fighting, then the Volunteer/Reserves can be your key to the community.




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