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Frequently Asked Questions about Auditions for "A Year with Frog and Toad."

Roberta Jones Junior Theatre

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to prepare and bring with me to auditions?
Please download, print and complete the A Year with Frog and Toad Rehearsal Schedule Conflict Calendar. Click here to download the Conflict Calendar. Our staff will review your Conflict Calendar before you begin your audition. Participation in auditions depends upon staff acceptance of your rehearsal schedule conflicts.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, as the first part of your audition will be a dance audition. If you have ballet or jazz dance shoes, please wear them. If you do not have dance shoes, please wear closed-toe athletic shoes. For safety reasons, we cannot allow anyone wearing sandals, flip-flops or other open-toe shoes to participate in auditions.

Please prepare a brief audition song. Advanced performers, and those who wish to play a principal role or sing solos in the production, should bring sheet music in your key for a song from a traditional Broadway musical—no pop/rock. Beginner performers may sing any song you are comfortable with and sing a cappella if you do not have the sheet music for your song. You may also bring a CD with recorded accompaniment (no vocals) for your vocal audition. A CD player will be provided.

I have no previous experience. Is this the right production for me? Will I be cast in the show?
Yes! We welcome and encourage new-comers to audition for our shows. You will not be the only new person at auditions. Our long-time participants will welcome you and help you feel comfortable in our group. We are here to have fun and make new friends, so all new people are very welcome to join us. The audition process is our chance to get to know you and to see what your performance skills are at this time. This is a no-pressure audition, because everyone who auditions will be cast in the show. We only hold auditions to help us decide which role is right for you.

What will I do at the audition?
You will start by learning a brief dance routine. After you learn the dance, you will perform it in a small group with other participants in your age group. We do not expect a perfect dance audition. We just want to see the best you can do. After the dance audition, you will go on stage in small groups with other actors in your age group to read a short scene from the script. Before your acting audition, our director will work with you to help you speak loudly enough to be heard. Finally, you will sing your audition song for our musical director. That’s it! Next, you will come to our first rehearsal on Tuesday, September 10, 4:15-6:30.

When will I find out what part I will play in the show?
At our first rehearsal on Wednesday, September 10, 4:15-6:30. You will also receive our detailed rehearsal schedule at the first rehearsal.

Is there a fee to be in the show?
Yes. After you receive your role and rehearsal schedule, at the first rehearsal, we ask you to review your schedule carefully before making a commitment to be in the show. Then, you will need to immediately register in the Youth Production course (and pay the course fee) with the City of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department. You will need to register for the course at the Registration Desk, located in the Lobby of the Community Recreation Center. The course fee is $93 for City of Santa Clara Residents, or $116 for Non-Residents.

I really want to play “Frog” or “The Snail”(etc.) in the show. Is it going to be enjoyable to participate if I don’t get the part I want?
Yes! We encourage everyone to accept and embrace the fact that most people in our cast will be in the Chorus, which is great fun. You are going to learn a lot of songs, dances and get to be in a significant amount of the show. There is a lot for everyone to do. While you might be disappointed at first, please trust us that you will eventually have a great time no matter what role you play in the production. Staying in the show, even if you are disappointed with your role, is the best way for you to learn, grow and possibly play a larger role in a future production. If you drop out because you didn’t get the role you wanted you will miss out on a lot of fun and special memories with good friends. We have no “stars” or “divas” at RJJT, and we hope everyone who auditions will come with a cooperative, positive attitude that the show must go on!

If you have any other questions about Roberta Jones Junior Theatre, or auditions for A Year with Frog and Toad, please call Kevin Cornelius, Recreation Supervisor, at (408) 615-3161.

Last updated: 8/14/2014 3:44:45 PM