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Agilent After School
Fizz! Boom! Read!

Agilent Technologies, Premier Laboratory Partner for a Better World is inspiring the scientists and engineers of tomorrow through their hands-on science program: Agilent After School (AAS). AAS targets Grades 5-8, and each week we will explore a different science topic with hands-on experiments that you will get to take home after the program! Share the wonders of science with your friends and family!

TODAY'S TOPIC: Airplanes
Since the beginning of time, man has looked to the sky and dreamt of flying. In this unit, students will build their own model airplanes. They will assemble wings and fins and stabilizers. Crafting their own rubber band powered plane, they will experiment with the effects of ailerons, elevators and rudders on the movement of the plane through the air.

What you need to know:

  • Programs are open to students going into 5th through 8th Grades only
  • Registration is available ONE WEEK prior to each event
  • You may call Youth Services or come in and register in person
  • There will not be a waiting list. If your child is interested in attending and was not able to register, you may wait outside the program room on the day of the event. If there are "no shows" your child may be allowed to enter.
  • Please arrive EARLY. If your child is registered and is more than 5 minutes late, his/her spot will be forfeited to someone waiting in line.


For more information, contact Youth Services at 1-408-615-2916.

Agilent After School programs are sponsored by Agilent Technologies.

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