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I would like to know the status of a current Planning Application/Development Proposal.
For staus information on any Planning Application, please call (408)615-2450 or email
I have a question about the Planning Application process but don't know where to start.
The Planning Division is responsible for all Planning and zoning information. Please call (408)615-2450 or email with your inquiry.
What is your website address for applying online?
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With a population of about 118,830 and more than 9,400 businesses, thriving commercial and industrial areas, and theme park thrill rides, Santa Clara has it all and is in a strategic regional location in the center of Silicon Valley convenient to freeways, expressways, international airports, railroads, light rail and other public transportation.

The City has an award-winning Ethics Program, and a commitment to fostering public trust. Here you will also find Santa Clara University, Mission College, the University of California Santa Cruz Extension Silicon Valley and the Institute for Business & Technology. The City's rich and vibrant business community is also the proud home of many high-tech innovators and companies who value low-cost utilities, a superbly maintained infrastructure including well-maintained roadways, and very high electric reliability.

Santa Clara Utilities
Santa Clara’s combined water, sewer, electric and refuse disposal rates are the lowest in the nine Bay Area Counties. City businesses and residents benefit from having a municipally owned and operated Electric Utility, also known as Silicon Valley Power, paying lower rates and enjoying very reliable electric service, which consistently ranks the top 5 percent nationally for reliability. Business electric rates are 20 to 35 percent lower than most Bay Area locations.

Green Power Community
The City of Santa Clara’s commitment to environmental programs has earned the City recognition as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Community, and has been recognized as the #1 largest green power community in the United States. We rank among the nation’s best cities in providing green power alternatives for customers, and are the first California city to confirm state goals to provide at least 33 percent renewable power for our electric customers by the year 2020; we already provide 30 percent renewable energy in our power mix. More and more companies are discovering the unparalleled advantages of operating in the City of Santa Clara

Local Business Support
Local businesses need the support of the community to continue to provide jobs, and to supply the wide variety of goods and services the public wants and needs to have close by. Please remember to support local business by SHOPPING SANTA CLARA, taking advantage of the great stores, dining and entertainment resources located here in our community, patronizing neighborhood shops and shopping centers in Santa Clara, and encouraging guests to stay at Santa Clara hotels.

In turn, the tax and fee income local businesses will generate from your patronage will help to pay for parks, street repair, library books and hundreds of other local government services that the public enjoys. Local businesses will appreciate your support.

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