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Lock-up and Leave with Peace of Mind
Home Safety Tips to Take into Consideration this Summer
Posted Date: 6/10/2014

Home break-ins occur most often during the summer travel months of July and August. SCPD doesn’t want this to keep you from getting away. Instead, lock-up and leave with peace of mind. Take these helpful tips into consideration to prevent burglaries while you are away.

Ask a trusted family member, friend or neighbor to collect mail, newspapers and flyers that may be placed on your door daily. For added home security, invite a neighbor to park a car in your driveway.

Hidden Keys
Remove “secret” keys from their outdoor locations, providing only one key to the person who will be in charge on your residence, pet(s) and/or mail while you are out of town.

Lock Up
Make sure all windows and doors are securely locked, including those leading into a garage or storage shed.

Set Alarm
Activate your alarm system before your leave, possibly notifying the home security company of your days away if you will be gone for a prolonged period of time.

Set Interior and Exterior Lights on Timers
To discourage intruders, put outdoor lights on timers and add motion-sensitive lamps to dark corners and natural pathways. Set indoor lights on timers to simulate occupancy.

Plan Yard Maintenance
Schedule help for outdoor chores such as mowing lawns and watering so overgrowth and faded plantings don’t give away your absence. Compete major yard work before you leave, paying special attention to greenery near windows and doors.

Adjust Blinds
Leave blinds and curtains in normal positions wherever possible, without exposing belongings to prying eyes.

Secure Valuables
Protect valuables from theft (e.g. important papers, jewelry, electronics, etc.) in a home safe or safe deposit box.

Disconnect your Computer
Turn off and disconnect your computer especially if it contains personal information. Also, shred or hide bills and receipts that add to the risk of identity theft.

Keep Quiet
A burglar can easily be tipped off to your absence by an unanswered phone, so turn off the ringer and keep your everyday answering message in play.

Don’t Broadcast Your Absence
Avoid posting your vacation plans with friends and family on Internet sites like Facebook and Twitter.