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Everyone has memories of a favorite store. It might have been a toy or candy store that seemed magical as a child. Or the jewelry store where an engagement ring was purchased. Or maybe it's the shop where new parents went to buy a crib. For 85 years in Santa Clara, it might have been Wilson's Bakery, which closed its doors for the final time in October of 2006.

It could be all kinds of stores, but what they probably have in common is that they were hometown businesses.

Retail enterprises add a lot to a community. They provide goods and services - and memories - that serve the needs of residents, other businesses, and visitors. Shopping at community stores supports the neighbors who own and/or operate the business, and the local residents they employ.

But making as many purchases as possible within the City of Santa Clara also benefits the entire community because of the sales tax it generates for the City's General Fund. For every $100 purchase made in Santa Clara, $1 in sales tax stays in Santa Clara to help pay for parks, street repair, library books, and the hundreds of other services provided to the public by municipal government.

Patronizing businesses outside of Santa Clara contributes to "sales tax leakage," meaning that sales tax on those transactions goes to other communities, not the City of Santa Clara.

Santa Clara is fortunate to have a wide variety of shops, restaurants, services, attractions, museums and performing arts in the community. Please remember to support local business by SHOPPING SANTA CLARA - take advantage of great stores and businesses, dining and entertainment resources located here in our community, and encourage family, business or holiday guests to stay at Santa Clara hotels and motels.

If you have favorite local stores - ones that have fond memories for you in some way - be sure to make the effort to shop there whenever possible. That is the best way to help keep those stores in business while contributing to the revenue of the City's General Fund.

For unique gift ideas that showcase your pride in Santa Clara visit the City Store at the Chamber of Commerce located at 1850 Warburton Ave., just down the street from City Hall. Gift items include hats, sweatshirts, mugs, golf accessories, and polo shirts. Items are sold at cost plus a small amount for taxes and handling.
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