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Local businesses need the support of the community to continue to provide jobs, and to supply the wide variety of goods and services the public wants and needs to have close by. Please remember to support local business by shopping Santa Clara, taking advantage of the great stores, dining and entertainment resources located here in our community, patronizing neighborhood shops and shopping centers in Santa Clara, and encouraging guests to stay at Santa Clara hotels. In turn, the tax and fee income local businesses will generate from your patronage will help to pay for parks, street repairlibrary books and hundreds of other local government services that the public enjoys. Local businesses will appreciate your support.

Below are links to information new residents as well as long term Santa Clarans may find this information to be helpful.

School District
Mission College
Santa Clara University 

Post Office Locations
1200 Franklin Mall, Santa Clara, CA
1050 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, CA
4601 Lafayette St, Santa Clara, CA
1451 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA

Other Services & Information
Airport Noise Complaints
Animal Services
City Services
Community Wide Garage Sale
Give A Little, Help a Lot
Leadership Santa Clara
Santa Clara 0 to 6
Special Savings for Residents
SCPD Authorized Cabs
Voter Registration

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