STEM Presentations

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Learn about the amazing technologies on exhibit and how they connect to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Visit the Redwood Community Room for the following presentations:

Live Virtual Reality Soccer
Imagine viewing a live stadium experience in your living room! Hear about how LiveLike uses virtual reality to make this possible.
 Time Presentations
11-11:30 am Suitable Technologies
When Digital Meets Physical

Learn how telepresence technology bridges the digital and physical worlds and changes the way we think about what it means to be somewhere. We'll explore the hardware and software engineering behind Beams and discuss the impact they have across the workplace, the classroom, and beyond!

12-12:30pm Osmo
Playing Beyond the Screen
Educational Apps and the possibilities that can be achieved through artificial intelligence and computer vision. Osmo appeals not only to kids but teachers and parents alike. We are changing the face of education, and what this means for the future.
1-1:30 pm Pley
Rent STEM toys = the new way to play

How do you give kids access to STEM toys without breaking the bank? Learn how Pley makes it easy for families to rent unlimited educational toys while avoiding clutter and minimizing their toy budget.
2-2:30 pm Leap Motion
An Introduction to Leap Motion and VR

An introduction to Leap Motion’s hand tracking technology and its use in virtual reality, as well as a brief look at how developments in math and science have made science fiction a reality today.  
3-3:30 pm Allied Telesis
3D Education @ Light Speed—Enabled by Allied Telesis

From elementary to higher education, the possibilities of creating, presenting, and sharing glasses-free 3D education content with auto-stereoscopic video technologies over reliable high-speed networks powered by Allied Telesis are virtually endless.  
4-4:30 pm  LiveLike
Immersed in Possibilities: How VR can help you experience the impossible

By merging live sports and virtual reality, LiveLike immerses viewers in experiences that were once considered impossible. Imagine being able to attend your favorite team's game from the luxury of a VIP suite with friends and family, all from the comfort of your couch no matter the distance and location. 

Innovation Stations

Younger grades will enjoy these hands-on areas where kids can learn about circuit boards, build with blocks and straws, create mosaics using math, interact with robots and launch rockets. 


i love sc library pearler beads
Make this or other designs in the Math to Mosaic Art innovation station.

Circuit Boards 101
Learn how to create a basic circuit to turn on a light, make a sound, spin a fan…electronics can be easy and fun!

Build a Skyscraper
Try your hand at building a skyscraper from wooden planks… Future architects and engineers— see where your imagination takes you!

Math to Mosaic Art
Unlock the mathematician in you… Perler beads are not only fun but involve counting and replicating patterns. Create anything you can imagine from a flower to a spaceship!

Robot Race Course
Test your hand at driving a robot on our custom track built from library books!  Do you have what it takes to get the robot from start to finish?

Build Your Own Rocket (Step 1)
Unleash the Astronaut in you.  Use paper and masking tape to engineer a rocket that will soar to the sky.

Rocket Launch Station (Step 2)
It’s time for take-off! Now that you’ve built your rocket, let’s see how it flies. Launch it 100 feet in the air.

Shapes in 3-D
Build cubes, triangles, pyramids and hexahedrons with straws and connectors. Do you know what a hexahedron is? You will once you build it.

Sounds of the Circuit
Let your imagination run wild. Visit the music room to make sounds out of circuitry and household objects. Play the banana piano or play Pac-Man with Play Doh through a Makey Makey device.

Light up R2-D2 and BB8
R2D2 and BB8 need your help.  Create your own circuit board on paper with our special circuit pen.  Next, light up your droid with LED’s and power him with a battery.  Finish him off with a splash of color to make him truly your own.

Help BB8 with Augmented Reality
Record an augmented reality message through the BB8, Star Wars droid, to cheer on your favorite football team.

Say “hello” to R2D2
The Bay Area Droid Builders Club are an eclectic group of individuals that have taken their love for Star Wars droids to a whole new level.


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